BBQube Grill Temperature Controller

BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ/Sous-Vide Temperature Controller

BBQube TempMaster Pro is the world’s first BBQ/Sous-Vide temperature controller that features taylor-made control algorithms for different types and sizes of grills. Navigate functions and settings like a breeze with one simple dial and dual OLED displays. TempMaster Pro can turn your slow cooker into a Sous-Vide machine with optional relay attachment. It's also the first controller to feature a detachable 4-probe wireless thermometer is detachable. All data can be monitored simultaneously on BBQube Pro App. Proprietary probes respond to temperature change 5 times faster than other brands. Upgradeable firmware is also an industry first. With so many innovative designs and features, BBQube is truly the next generation of charcoal grill temperature controllers.

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