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The EASIEST way to start smoking with your Kamado Joe Classic and TempMaster Pro Temperature Controller

Posted by Daz on 3/28/2019 to Beginner's Guide to BBQ
In this vlog, we'll show you how easy it is to start smoking with your Kamado Joe Classic grill and TempMaster Pro controller. Many controllers require you to start the fire and let the controller kick in after grill temperature rises to a certain degree, not with TempMaster Pro. All you have to do is to lit a corner of the charcoal, set the target temperature on the TempMaster, and let the controller to bring up the grill temperature to the preset target. It's that simple!

Handy Battery Power Box for TempMaster Pro BBQ controller

Posted by Daz on 3/22/2019

Hi Everyone, it has been a couple of weeks since our last post. We went the HPBExpo in Dallas and had a lot interests from other grill makers. So we were busy following up with that. Today, we finally get around to write up about the camper power box for our TempMaster controller. We found these 12V Li-ion battery packs from Amazon works great (6000 mAh for 15+ hrs) and can be charged with our AC adapter for the controller. The box now can hold the controller, battery, vent hose and 3 probes. The carrying box is CNC cut out of Plano Ammo Box (Made in USA!) with cutouts on the side for hose and probes. Now you can do ribs in a weber go anywhere for 4-5 hours unattended. Let me know if you have any questions. Here in Hawaii there is no power at camp grounds, so I made this box with a 12v UPS backup battery in it to power the controller off grid. But I found I use it all the time even at home. The Lead Acid battery was heavier and required a car battery charger to charge. But now with the Li-ion battery this box can pack all the accessories, just grab 'n go! It's available on our website at BBQube.us

Aloha and happy Smoking!

BBQube is going to HPBExpo 2019 in Dallas! Booth 1927

Posted by Daz on 3/9/2019 to New Products
BBQube crew will be attending our 4th HPBExpo in Dallas, Mar 14-16, 2019. Yes that's next week and we're excited to announce our first automatic kamado grill with full automatic temperature control. Our Vest Award winning controller is now fully integrated with modern stainless steel kamado grills called "Smart-O-Matic Kamado Grills". Find us at Booth #1927. We're across hallway from the Weber grill company.

BBQube attending HPBExpo 2019 Dallas Booth #1927