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Turn Your Weber Go-Anywhere into a Precise Charcoal Smoker with TempMaster Pro Grill Controller

Posted by Daz on 4/3/2019 to Beginner's Guide to BBQ
As an avid camper (in a '76 Westy!), Weber Go-Anywhere is my weapon of choice when It comes to outdoor cooking. The compact, durable and super versatile little grill provides enough cooking space to feed a family of four. After we finalized the TempMaster Pro temperature controller, I started to convert the weber Go-Anywhere into a smoker. We added selection for WeberGA/Smokey Joe control algorithm in the menu, made a very unique heat deflector and fabricated a lower vent adapter. Voila! You can now bring competition BBQ to the camp site! The weberGA is a very efficient cooker and you can apply some felt seal around the edges to make it more airtight. In this video we made a year earlier, the controller is still in its 3D printed prototype housing. I pat my own back every time I use it, ha...Happy smoking!