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Turn Your Akorn Kamado into a Pellet Grill with BBQube Pellet Conversion Kit

Posted by Daz on 9/10/2019 to New Products
We all love our Akorn Kamado. It's probably best bang for your buck in the sea of Kamado grills. But have you ever wondered what it is like to convert it into a pellet grill to take the advantage of both worlds? A well-insulated grill equipped with automatic fire start and temperature control? Plus the advantage of wide choice of wood pellets and cleaner burn. 
Well, we put one to test by adapting a pellet grill sender unit onto our Akorn grill. The result was AMAZING! It performed flawlessly with steady temperature though some pellet feeding rate needs to be adjusted because of the insulation, which means the Akorn Pellet Grill can be even more efficient. We are making production prototypes as of now and will update when we have more testing done. So stay tuned...
BBQube Akorn Kamado Pellet Conversion Kit is Patent Pending!
akorn kamado pellet conversion kitAkorn Kamado Pellet Conversion Kitakorn kamado pellet grill conversion kit
Akorn Kamado Pellet Grill ConversionAkorn Kamado Pellet Grill Conversion by BBQube