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Slow-smoked Huli Huli Chicken with TempMaster Pro and Weber Go-Anywhere at the Beach (Off-grid)

Posted by Daz on 5/27/2019 to Smoking All Day
Do you have to compromise when grilling in small portable grills like Weber Go-Anywhere? Well, not with out TempMaster Pro controller which can keep your Weber GA temperature rocksteady for hours without human involvement. We smoked some Hawaiian Huli Huli chicken at the beach last week and the result is just amazing. We picked up small cornish hen chickens from Costco, marinaded it with Huli Huli sauce overnight (or any other marinades of your choice). Next day we roll up to the beach with our portable smoker setup and surfed while the chicken was being smoked. Check out our video on these minimum-effort slow-smoked chicken. The camper battery box can carry all controller accessories and provide 20+ of cooking time with one full charge.

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