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Rotisserie Kit for Kamado-Go 275 Portable Charcoal Grill (Rotisserie Kit only)

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Rotisserie Kit for Kamado-Go 275

The Kamado Go Rotisserie kit is made for grill enthusiasts who want the option to roast anywhere! From a tailgate, to the woods, this kit will not disappoint. The BBQUBE heavy duty motor has a stainless steel weather resistant housing and quiet operation through a unique internal gear reduction. The heavy duty spit rod, 4-prong forks and mechanical thermometer bracket are all constructed of high quality 316 stainless steel for an easy cleanup and extended life. 

Special Designed Grill Lid Adaptor

The custom grill lid adaptor has a built-in mechanical thermometer, allowing you to easily monitor cooking temperatures.

What's In the Package

- Durable stainless steel spit rod

- Heavy-duty forks

- Bracket for Kamado-Go 275

- Electric motor