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Turn Your Akorn Kamado into a Pellet Grill with BBQube Pellet Conversion Kit

Posted by Daz on 9/10/2019 to New Products
We all love our Akorn Kamado. It's probably best bang for your buck in the sea of Kamado grills. But have you ever wondered what it is like to convert it into a pellet grill to take the advantage of both world? A well-insulated grill equipped with automatic fire start and temperature control? Plus the advantage of wide choice of wood pellets and cleaner burn. 
Well, we put one to test by adapting a pellet grill sender unit onto our Akorn grill. The result was AMAZING! It performed flawlessly with steady temperature, though some pellet feeding rate needs to be adjusted. The grill maintained 250 degrees for nearly 6 hours and the smoked ribs were juicey and flavorful. 
We are making production prototypes as of now and will update when we have more stories to tell. So come back in a couple of weeks and we should have a new post with the new product!
BBQube Akorn Kamado Pellet Conversion Kit is Patent Pending!

TempMaster Pro is "No Overshoots" BBQ Temperature Controller for Any Types of Enclosed Grills

Posted by Daz on 5/12/2019 to Beginner's Guide to BBQ
People have settled for "overshoots" by smoker controllers for so long. We even get used to come back and adjust fan damper after initial fire start. But with the awesome all-new TempMaster Pro temperature controller, there is NO overshoot and you don't need to come back until your food is ready. It has different program for different types of grills. But why nobody is trying to make it better for so long? 

TempMaster Pro Grill Temperature Graph

Red Box/Backwoods Cabinet Smoker and TempMaster Pro Controller Are Now Paired

Posted by Daz on 4/4/2019 to Smoking All Day
It was last year in Nashville where we first met Mark and his beautiful Red Box Cabinet Smoker. We also met Chase from Backwoods Smokers, whose factory manufactured all these cabinet smokers. Both are great guys and we enjoyed talking to each other for three days at the show (our booths were next to each other). We were not familiar with cabinet smokers so when Mark asked us to take one back for testing we were really stoked. 
We went to work immediately and made an adapter for the lower vent. We also sealed off most of the vents on the back to keep the airflow tightly controlled by the TempMaster Pro. The result is very good! The cabinet smoker gradually approached 225 degrees with no overshoot and stayed at 225 throughout the whole 6 hours of cooking. We'll soon be releasing the adapter for Red Box/Backwoods Cabinet smokers. Stay tuned.

tempmaster controlling red box cabinet smoker

Turn Your Weber Go-Anywhere into a Precise Charcoal Smoker with TempMaster Pro Grill Controller

Posted by Daz on 4/3/2019 to Beginner's Guide to BBQ
As an avid camper (in a '76 Westy!), Weber Go-Anywhere is my weapon of choice when It comes to outdoor cooking. The compact, durable and super versatile little grill provides enough cooking space to feed a family of four. After we finalized the TempMaster Pro temperature controller, I started to convert the weber Go-Anywhere into a smoker. We added selection for WeberGA/Smokey Joe control algorithm in the menu, made a very unique heat deflector and fabricated a lower vent adapter. The result is amazing ribs with minimum efforts and fuel. The picture below shows the baby back ribs that was cooked in a Weber Go-Anywhere and controlled by the TempMaster controller. Click "Read More" to check out the short video we made.

weber go anywhere smoking ribs

Akorn Kamado 22" Searing Tray, Half Moon, Waterjet Stainless

Posted by Daz on 4/3/2019 to New Products

Akorners, Here is a half moon searing tray we made today for the Akorn 22" kamado. waterjet stainless steel. Cooked some Ahi (tuna) belly and it worked like a champ. It sits on top of two lips in the charcoal bowl and it holds plenty of coal. It's about 3.5" from the bottom of the tray to the lower side of the grate. We may make a stainless grate with hinged side to work this tray. Stay tuned. Should have something for purchase in a month or so. Gonna do some more testing on it.

akorn kamado searing tray

BBQube is going to HPBExpo 2019 in Dallas! Booth 1927

Posted by Daz on 3/9/2019 to New Products
BBQube crew will be attending our 4th HPBExpo in Dallas, Mar 14-16, 2019. Yes that's next week and we're excited to announce our first automatic kamado grill with full automatic temperature control. Our Vest Award winning controller is now fully integrated with modern stainless steel kamado grills called "Smart-O-Matic Kamado Grills". Find us at Booth #1927. We're across hallway from the Weber grill company.

BBQube attending HPBExpo 2019 Dallas Booth #1927