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Akorn Kamado 22" Searing Tray, Half Moon, Waterjet Stainless

Posted by Daz on 4/3/2019 to New Products

Aloha Akorners, Here is a half moon searing tray we made today for the Akorn 22" kamado. waterjet stainless steel. Cooked some Ahi belly and it worked like a champ. It sits on top of two lips and it holds plenty of coal. It's about 3.5" from the bottom of the tray to the lower side of the grate. We may make a stainless grate with hinged side to work this tray. Stay tuned. Should have something for purchase in a month or so. Gonna do some more testing on it.

Here are some pics.

akorn kamado 22" searing tray half moon It fits like glove.


searing ahi belly tuna akorn 22" kamado searing tray charcoal