BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ/Sous-Vide Temperature Controller

BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ/Sous-Vide Temperature Controller

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We have been working on this device for nearly two years and it's ready for the final production stage. Support us to revolutionize the BBQ experience.

BBQube Octo cooker kit is a turn-key solution to worry-free slow-n-low cooking. It’s feature rich and very simple to operate. It works with any kinds of close-lid grill, big or small, metal or kamado. When combined with our camper power box, It can provide cordless BBQ temp control for up to 20 hours, no external power required. All functions can be easily accessed with a beautiful metal dial and dual OLED displays. The 4-probe thermometer can be detached and used independently, and charged while docking on the blower base. External USB port can control relay unit to hold temp steady on any household appliances.

Field box and battery are sold separately. Standard kit comes with two probes, one for grill air temp and one for the meat.

Buy the ultimate "camper" kit that comes with 4 probes, battery pack and a rugged field box by Plano USA. You can set up automated BBQ at any location you'd like.

BBQube Octo cooker is under patent pending status.

100% happiness guaranteed.

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Innovative Modular Design

Thermometer Module and Fan

Controller Module can be operated

separately. Wireless Thermometer

can run 100+ hours on a single

charge. Charging is done automatically

while docked on the base with power.

5X Faster Probes

Our best-selling fast response

probes received great reviews

5 star ratings on Amazon.

Precision temp control comes

from responsive temp readings.

Check out the BBQube vs OEM

comparison video.

Simplicity with "One-Dial"

No more greasy push buttons!

A big dial now make the menu

navigation a breeze.

Cordless BBQ

BBQube Camper Box can provide 10+

hours of usage with one 12V battery.

The Box is Plano Ammo Field Box so

it's rugged and weatherproof.

Make your BBQ cordless!

BBQube TempMaster Pro Temperature Controller Demo Video (BBQ brisket)

BBQube TempMaster Pro doing 2 ribs, Sous-Vide vs. BBQ

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