BBQube Grill Temperature Controller

BBQube Octo Temperature Controller

BBQube Octo Temperature Controller kit is 100% self-contained to provide convenient and CORDLESS BBQ. It’s feature rich and very intuitive to operate. 20+ hours of slow and low cooking on any kinds of grill, big or small, metal or kamado, with no external power required. All functions can be easily accessed with a beautiful metal dial and dual OLED displays. The 4-probe thermometer can be detached and used independently, and charged while docking on the blower base. External USB port can control relay unit to hold temp steady on any household appliances.

Field box and battery are sold separately. Kit comes with two probes, one for grill air temp and one for the meat. Or buy the ultimate "camper" kit that comes with everything so you can set it up at any location you'd like.

BBQube Octo Temperature Controller is under patent pending status.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Akron Kamado Pizza Ring

Akorn Kamado Grill Pizza Ring By BBQube

Turn your Char-Griller® Akorn Kamado grill into your own backyard pizza kitchen with BBQube kamado pizza ring. The BBQube pizza ring is made of food grade stainless steel and is designed to fit 22 in. Akorn Kamado grill. The lid sits perfectly on top the ring, no mod required. The dome lid will retain the heat and create convection flows over top of the pizza, resulting evenly cooked pie. The wooden handle will give you a safe and comfortable grip.

BBQube Grill Temperature Controller

Fast response food temperature probe

Innovative design with finest craftsmanship, our probe will change the perception of wireless thermometers. Because now, your thermometer can read as fast and as accurately as $100+ high-end fast response handheld digital thermometers. We've done extensive test with these probes. As shown in the video, the BBQube probe is light speed compared to the OEM probes. Temperature reading now stabilizes within seconds which gives great confidence in cooking. Own one and you will understand. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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